Visiting A Famosa Melaka


My last visit to A’Famosa was almost 10 years ago. What brought me here again? To check out the biggest waterpark, safari park and a host of new facilities. Honestly, if you wish to “complete” the entire park and engage in all the facilities, it will take at least 2 days 1 night. Otherwise you will go home regretting.

Upon checking-in, I was all ready for the full day plan. After pouring over the schedule; the first point on my agenda is the Safari Park which has the cutest pets and bird show. Don’t’ forget to pop over to the Wild Wild West show in the Safari Park too. Initially, I thought the Safari Park was just too tame for me. But I was in for a surprise when I hop on the ride to feed the crocodile and tiger! The animals and I are in reverse roles, I am inside the cage and they are outside…. Who’s feeding who,

I thought? When a tiger came closer and stood up high in front of me, I had a chill down my spine. Wow! What a great experience that was! After having my dinner at the Cowboy Town, I was just in time for the Great Circus Show. The grand finale of the show was a spectacular fireworks popping over in the sky. After which I still had time for the the 4D movie until 10pm. What a well packed day of activities …. feeling satisfied!

The next day is reserved for the wet and energetic activities at the water park. Before I entering the A’Famosa, the big poster has I already caught my fascination – a new I facility called “Big Ice Cream”… I thought to myself…. This has to be a ‘must-try’ at least once. The outlook seems simple and easy as viewed from the ground. And when I stepped foot at the top… Oh my goodness, I wonder why someone could invent this kind of water park facilities? started to contemplate…. Do I really want to try this out? Anyway I opted in! Sharing the air bag with other mates, in a mere 20 seconds we take off from a 4-storey high tower, swing down in to the big “corn” which then bring us in to a “tube” then in to the pool. We were all screaming our hearts out in the swinging part, it was scary but fun. As I stepped out of the pool,
I had the impulse to try it again. Yes, it was fun! If you worry about heart attack, go for some mild and simple activities like manmade beach, lazy river, family raft, etc. you will find something that interests you here. If you have kids, please bring them to the kids zone, for hours of fun and laughter.

A’Famosa is not a place just for youngsters, it is a theme park that caters to people of all ages. For another amazing water theme park in Melaka , you can visit Bayou Lagoon Park Resort .